Cooks faster. Keeps food hot longer. No metal to leach into food.

We hired professional chefs from Chicago’s Bespoke Cuisine to compare Crucibel cookware to leading cookware brands in a seriesof real world tests. And the results “bespeak” for themselves!

Cooks faster

• When cooking steak, Crucibel took between 20% (rare) and 35% (medium well) less time than the leading cast iron cookware brand.
• Crucibel heated to searing temperature 2 minutes faster than the same cast iron brand.
• Crucibel boiled water in just over half the time of a major hard anodized nonstick cookware brand. 

Keeps food hot longer

• 20 minutes after a Crucibel pot was removed from the oven, the short ribs inside had retained 90% of their heat...and their temperature was 12° warmer than the short ribs in the leading cast iron brand’s pot. 
• 90 minutes after a Crucibel pan was removed from the stove, the risotto inside had retained 91% of its heat...and the temperature was 28° warmer than the risotto in the anodized nonstick pan.