The Amazing Benefits of Crystal

The Only Cookware Made of Crystal

Only Crucibel Crystal Cookware is made of 99.99% pure quartz crystal. Quartz crystal provides several significant advantages over cast iron and other cookware materials that sophisticated cooks will greatly appreciate. 

Unmatched Heat Resistance

Quartz crystal can withstand heat up to 2,550º, or 450º hotter than cast iron. Extensive testing by Bespoke Cuisine demonstrates that Crucibel Crystal Cookware allows you to:

  • Start cooking sooner
  • Cook faster
  • Keep food hot longer

Unmatched Hardness

Don't let its stunning looks fool you. As measured by the Mohs scale,  quartz crystal is harder than all popular cooking metals. This means you can clean food stains with steel wool without worrying about scratching the surface--because Crucial is harder than the steel wool! 

Unmatched Peace of Mind

Because Crucibel's cooking surface is made of 99.99% quartz crystal, you don't have to worry about metals leaching into the food you're cooking.